Kerema Chamber of Culture

Kerema Chamber of Culture was established in 2011 by the grandchildren of the former head of Suuremõisa municipality and church organist Gustav Liit (on photo), with the goal to capture and promote the heritage of his family in Hiiumaa.

Three times elected head of Suuremõisa municipality Gustav Liit (our grandfather) was all his life organist in Pühalepa church, conducted the local choir and ensemble, repaired the instruments of village people, made himself a violin and a harmonium. He studied to play the organ under the guidance of the composer Rudolf Tobias’s father.


We have tried to keep the link of cultural heritage with help of our grandmother Helga Kariis (maiden name Liit ) during the years on July 1990 a concert of our family choir took place in Pühalepa church during the first worldwide Hiiumaa day.

Kerema Chamber of Culture has several goals:
Organizing the classical music festivals and concerts. Since 2012 Pühalepa Music Festival takes place in August.
 Organizing the master classes of professional musicians for young people
Compilation of publications and other materials
Preservation of the cultural heritage of family Liit whose roots in Hiiumaa go back to the year 1712

Photo: Church singing choir






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